• Shri Mohan Charan Majhi
    Hon'ble Chief Minister
    Shri Mohan Charan Majhi

Sambalpur has a rich and prosperous tradition of handcraft which has been handed down to the present generation of artisans,astonishingly adding dexterous innovation and skill.Principal among them are the hand loom fabrics of the cotton and tusser silk that have gained worldwide popularity and demand .Often woven by indigenous weavers since ages and evolved through new methods of tie and dye(Bandha O kala),the sambalpuri handloom carries on with acclaim and applause.Master weavers and designers are faithfully engrossed in this field keeping intact their artistic potential in intricate pattern and delicate design.Bamboo and reed worker amke furniture from bamboo ,basket makers weave attractive baskets from multi-colored bamboo-wicker for domestic use as well as household decoration .House hold items made from golden grass (Berna) in sambalpur are very attractive ,providing gainful and creative entertainment to the women folk in almost every house in the village Bhatra and its periphery .The brass metal and Terracotta works includes designs of different deities, various forms and motives exhibiting striking beauty and utility value.