• Shri Mohan Charan Majhi
    Hon'ble Chief Minister
    Shri Mohan Charan Majhi

The Chief District Medical Office (CDMO) of Sambalpur District makes constant and sincere efforts to implement Government schemes to ensure adequate health care services to the people. Steps are being taken by the District health administration, to bring about improvement in the health care system of the District. Attention is also paid to take special care of the needs of the people of tribal areas and backward regions.


  • To provide adequate, qualitative, preventive and curative health care to the people of the District.
  • The main motive of CDMO is to provide affordable quality health care to the people of the District not only through the allopathic system of medicine but also through the homeopathic and Ayurvedic systems.
  • To provide greater access to the primary health care by bringing medical institutions through mobile health units, particularly in the under-served and backward areas in the District.
  • To improve health care system in the District.
  • For eliminating diseases like Malaria and other communicable diseases in the District.
  • To reduce maternal and infant mortality and to improve maternal and child health.
  • To provide free treatment for the people of the District (including free medicines) for certain major communicable diseases.
  • To improve hospital services at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels in terms of infrastructure, drugs and personnel.


“Every life is precious…” has always been the guiding principle of Hon’ble Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik. The vision of Hon’ble Chief Minister has been to provide assurance of quality
health care to all the citizens of the State, especially the vulnerable sections. With this objective, Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana has been launched is as a pathbreaking program to provide
universal health coverage, with special emphasis on the health protection of economically vulnerable families.

To achieve its objectives, the BSKY has two components:

  •  State Government will bear full cost of all health services delivered to all patients (irrespective of income, status or residence) in all State Government health care facilities starting from
    Sub centre level to District Head Quarter and Government Medical College Hospital and Blood Bank level.
  •  State Government will bear the cost of healthcare provided in empanelled private hospitals for over 92.5 lakh economically vulnerable families in the State, amounting to Annual
    Health coverage of Rs. 5 lakh per family and additional Rs. 5lakh for the women members of the family after exhausting of initial limit.

At State Government health care facilities all health services charges are borne by the State Government, including those for drugs, diagnostics, dialysis, Cancer chemotherapy, OT, I.C.U,
in-patient admission blood bank services, etc., in all government health institutions up to Government Medical College Hospital level, for all persons.

At all empanelled private hospitals families having BSKY Smart Health Card can avail cashless treatment at any empanelled private hospital under BSKY within or outside the State.
Cardholder families can avail facilities such as registration, consultation, medical tests, pathologies, treatment, IPD and follow-up consultation under BSKY at any empanelled private
hospitals, for which State Government will bear the cost up to the annual coverage amount.

For More Details visit the Official Website: www.bsky.odisha.gov.in

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