• Shri Mohan Charan Majhi
    Hon'ble Chief Minister
    Shri Mohan Charan Majhi

Disaster Management in the District

Sambalpur district is known as multi hazard district and vulnerable in term of flood drought,Heat Wave,Fire accidents,Factories Hazards etc. for this reason some good and concrete disaster management activities are taken for the district. District Administration, Odisah State Disaster Management Authority along with District Disaster Management Authority, Sambalpur is functioning actively in the district with an aim of good preparedness,response and rehabilitation by various capacity building programmes, flood shelters construction, mock drill, etc. The meeting of District Disaster Management Authority, District level committee on natural calamity are held timely to discuss about the disaster mitigation methodology or the district during heat wave , flood and cold wave time. Four members of multipurpose flood shelters are constructed in various areas and some more are also in the pipeline.To create maximum awareness regarding the assistance to be provided by Government such as Rs. 50 thousands for sunstroke, and to aware people regarding the do and don’ts during summer and lightening time, the posters campaign have been done throughout the district. Time to time the Indian Disaster Resource Network (IDRN) portal has been updated to access the disaster management related equipments ,skill manpower etc.

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