• Shri Mohan Charan Majhi
    Hon'ble Chief Minister
    Shri Mohan Charan Majhi

Welcome to Sambalpur Development Authority, Sambalpur

The Sambalpur Development Authority was constituted on 02.10.1995 vide H& UD department Notification No.30964/HUD., dt.15.09.1995 u/s 3 of ODA Act. 1982. The Sambalpur Development Authority area comprises of 3 towns namely  Sambalpur , Burla & Hirakud and 95 adjoining  revenue villages extended over 488.75 sq.Kms.

Since, its  inception, the Sambalpur Development Authority is ensuring all-round plan and systematic development of development plan area. As per the objective and preamble and its responsibility the SDA have taken up number of social housing and commercial scheme for the general citizen of Sambalpur and have ensured plan development in accordance with the Master Plan of Sambalpur-Burla-Hirakud currently in force.

Mission  & Vision

Considering the growth of Sambalpur and its potentiality in respect of  its connectivity through road & rail industrial and educational development etc. The state Govt. on behest of Sambalpur Development Authority have assigned preparation of Comprehensive Development Plan of Sambalpur Development Authority Plan area to Project Consultant GITCO Ahemedabad. The CDP is under preparation having perspective vision of 2030.  Simultaneously the SDA have prepared a separate building by-law (Planning & Building  Standard Regulations) for SDA area which is at the verge for approval and publication.

In order to streamline the allotment of land and building and procurement of land and sale the SDA have also prepared separate Regulations namely SDA land (Allotment & Disposal) Regulation-2016 & SDA property (Management  & Allotment) Regulations 2016.

The Sambalpur status was elevated to Corporation as per H& U D Department Notification No.23571/HUD., dt.21.11.2014 Sambalpur Development Authority has incorporated additional 22 Revenue villages under its fold which is also at the verge of Notification.

In order to promote and regulate development in organized and planned manner the Sambalpur Development Authority was constituted on 2.10.1995 by the State Govt. under the provisions of Section 3 of ODA Act.1982. By virtue of this Act, the Planning Branch of BDA undertakes various exercises on planning and development of the area under the jurisdiction of the Authority. The Town & Regional Planning Member is the Head of Planning Branch and is being supported by one Sr. Draftsman supported with one contractual Amin.

The Planning branch under the leadership of Planning Member undertakes various development plans which includes preparation of Interim Development Plan, Comprehensive Development Plan, Zonal Development Plan, Town Planning Schemes and other Planning projects. Apart from preparation of development plans the planning branch also regulate development as per the provision of Section 15 & 16 of ODA ACT 1982.

Presently the Comprehensive Development Plan of Sambalpur Development Authority Area which includes Sambalpur, Burla Hirakud & 67 revenue villages is under preparation by SDA through the project consultant GITCO Ahamedabad. The Sambalpur Development Authority for the first time prepared in house Planning & Building Standards Regulation of Sambalpur which is in draft stage and is likely to be approved and published soon. The said regulation has been prepared keeping the Sambalpur situation and over all growth trend of Sambalpur Urban Agglomeration.

Since, Sambalpur is a important town of Western Odisha having road and rail linkages and its connectivity directly through NH -6 (Kolkata –Mumbai Highway) NH-42 linking state Capital Bhubaneswar and Kolkata through NH-5special emphasis has been given to Sambalpur from planning point of view. Accordingly, the administrative jurisdiction of SDA area has been increased many fold having presently 488 sq. Kms.

In the Comprehensive Development Plan of Sambalpur special emphasis has been given for its organized growth considering its importance in respect of industrial and educational growth.